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Finally, it’s time to dance again. Valkhof Festival is back and Open Source Radio is here to provide you with a program that will make you groove! For the next seven days, we have carefully curated a lineup containing a wide variety of artists who can’t wait to show you what they’ve got. What can you expect? Music for everyone, from everywhere. Here are 9 tips from us, for you to look out for at the Valkhof Festival. Tune in via www.opensourceradio.nl or join us for a drink and a dance in the park! 


Day 1, 12:15. Start your day off chill with some hip hop and classics from Open Source Radio resident and teammember Feryne. Whereas she is mostly known for her funky Acid and Electro sets at different radio stations, at Valkhof Festival, she will switch that up and show us that she is capable of mixing all kinds of different music styles!


Day 1, 15:00. Ready to end the first day off OSR program with a banger? Check out the set Comrade Winston b2b with Grace Dahl. Comrade Winston, a DJ from Nijmegen who puts grooves from old skool techno records in combination with high-end sound designs from modern techno techniques. Grace Dahl established her name at festivals like Awakenings and Vault Sessions, showing off her ecstatic performance as DJ and refined music expert. From this back to back, expect nothing less than high BPMs, crazy percussion and rare electronic sounds. Techno at its finest. 


Day 2, 11:00. Need some soothing music to cure your hangover from the first day? Come check out Jason Lemonth with us! Our very own curator will be spinning some funky soul tunes that makes it impossible to not move your body. Want to get in the mood already? Check out his sets in our Archive! 


Day 3, 14:00. REES: DJ, label head, and producer from the UK. For anyone who likes electronic music, this is a must see. REES mixes house with music styles from all over the world: Arabic funk, Italo Disco, Zouk. He is no stranger in the music scene, most of his productions have been released under highly creditable labels, such as Permanent Vacation and Bordello A Parigi. We can find his latest release, Devil’s Club, under Palm Trax’s label ‘CWPT’. A must see!


Day 4, 14:00. Strolling through Valkhof Festival, you might have already noticed the wide variety of music styles, and the great amount of talent present on the festival. Nothing less counts for Suze Ljo, DJ from Rotterdam who mixes house with funk, polyrhythmic (break-)beats and soulful tones. You might know her as a resident at Operator Radio, her performances at Lente Kabinet, or Dekmantel Selectors, providing the crowd with warm, deep grooves that excite positive energy. 


Day 4, 16:00. Het Gezelschap, a group that exists out of power trio Jordy Dijkshoorn, Juno Rissema, and Diggy Rask. Together with beatmakers Kevin Stam and Deon van Ooijen, they have created a ‘gezelschap’ that radiates pure, raw energy, that sometimes even makes you think of the energy on ‘Rage Against The Machine’s’ electric performances. Het Gezelschap will turn our container into a place where swingbeat, blues, spoken word, synthpop and raw hip hop will meet. Open the pit! 


On day 5, the ‘Roze Woensdag’, the container is in the hands of the Azoth. This community-based queer party will provide you with a finger-licking program. Thus, they are joined by local talents Heleen Poos and Oxymore777 and have also managed to snare Klauw Collective resident Shahmaran. Expect fat tunes, in-depth interviews and much more during day five of our hosting at Valkhof Festival!


Day 6, 11:00. A bit tired from all that dancing? Come listen to the interview and music from Davy, Menzo and Marijn from Paak Vinyl ! This interview will contain an in-depth conversation about the relevance and the impact of the comeback of vinyl records on the music industry. The interview will be hosted by Paak, a vinyl bar that is “a symbiosis in music and culture that elevates like a drug”. Here, lovers of music and food come together in a vibrant cultural space, where events that stimulate creative minds are hosted. True music lovers in conversation, what more do you want?

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