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Job opening: Program coordinator

About Open Source Radio

Open Source Radio is an online radio station from Nijmegen that offers a stage to artists, music lovers, talent and promoters from the Electronic Music, Hiphop & Culture scenes. We try to connect different groups of people and stimulate collaborations, cross-pollination and development through a (4-day) accessible, but high-quality program. We are a small, driven and super-passionate team of volunteers. Innovation, diversity and (social) sustainability are important to us.

Our program
The program of our radio station is made in cooperation with a team of specialists: our program board and the program coordinator. The Open Source Radio program is interdisciplinary, accessible, diverse and high-quality. Open Source Radio is rooted locally, but we try to look beyond the borders of our own city. We always strive to find the right balance between local artists, creators, new talent and international artists, labels, collectives, other partners and theme days.

Diversity and inclusion, innovation and (social) sustainability are part of our core values that must be guaranteed within the whole organization. Electronic Music, Urban Arts and art and culture have a central role within the program.

Program coordinator
The program coordinator is responsible for:

  • Together with the creative director: setting up a program vision and strategies;
  • Together with two other programmers, creating a high quality program;
  • Confirming artists & sending out call sheets;
  • Evaluating the program and, if necessary, adjusting its vision and choices;
  • Monitoring the core values from Open Source Radio and their representation in our program;
  • Have a committed and proactive attitude within the Open Source Radio team.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has affinity with various forms of culture and music with a focus on Electronic Music and Hiphop;
  • Deals with the themes of diversity and inclusion and feels motivated to involve these themes in your role at Open Source Radio;
  • Has a good balance between working independently and working in a team environment;
  • Can work in a structured and organized manner;
  • Is eager to learn and stepping out of their comfort zone;
  • Has good skills in communication;
  • Living in or near Nijmegen is a pré (but not obligatory)
  • Having a network is an advantage.

What do we offer?

  • The possibility to build a international and diverse network within the creative sector;
  • We have a dynamic, passionate and fast-growing organization that offers you a lot of creative freedom and where you can develop at a high level as a professional;
  • A ‘the sky’s the limit’ mentality: Open Source Radio has a horizontal organizational structure in which every good idea is taken into consideration;
  • You contribute to the talent of tomorrow;
  • You will receive a voluntary allowance for the programming hours and a structural payment for setting up a program vision and program strategy;
  • You can develop yourself musically: our studio is available for use whenever you want.

Hours, availability and allowance:

We estimate that you have to work between 8 and 16 hours per week. You will be paid for the hours you work on the program vision. The other hours you work voluntarily just like the rest of the team. Flexibility is a requirement as these hours will be divided over the week. Wednesdays are our main days, it helps (alot) if you are available on these days. You can work from home, but we also have a working place in Nijmegen and come together at least once a month.

You can send your motivation with CV to info@opensourceradio.nl o.v. Vacature program coordinator before April 13th 2022.  We will let you know if you’re invited for an interview, these take place on Wednesday April 20th.

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